santorini sunset.


Appreciating the rare moments in which the majesty of the cosmos peeks behind the curtain of our monotonous exercises. There is so much to be grateful for, and yet I can’t help feeling suppressed at times. Mere escapism from routine is a distraction, and proves ineffective in re-aligning my perspective in times when I am in desperate need of inspiration. But in just the right idyllic setting, where the air is still and the sky is burning, I feel the purpose of our journeys once again and the true liberation of our lives is ignited within me.

Like the first glimpses of dawn that casts aside the terror and uncertainty of the previous night, the retreat of the sun is a reminder that all of the distractions and disasters of the day are unable to take hold, as I am already free. Despite how I might perceive the grip of an unforgiving day to be suffocating, at the end of it, the sun will not stop burning for all of our freedoms and simple pleasures.

In celebration of the sunset.

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    Great 👍👍

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