confront sin.

How long until we sink to the bottom of the sea? When will our vices and our personal darkness catch up with us, or can we ever hope to outrun them? How long do we have to lurk in the wilderness, outside of relevance or reverence?

‘Sin’ is unique in that, typically, only the sinner will know the extent of the disapproval that their improprieties warrant. Unless you believe in a God or some omniscient deity, there are no witnesses, except for however much you can withstand Guilt chipping away at your good self. But sin isn’t solely a matter of the holy and so can be ignored by the secular; it’s a synonym for the innate failings that we all have, without exception.

The fear of harbouring a guilty conscience clearly does not paralyse us from committing sin as much as it should. But equally, the fear of total exclusion from the rest of civilised society, once the reality of our transgressions has taken form, sends us into hiding and a downward spiral of shame. All because we choose to flee instead of shaking hands with Guilt.

There’s no running away from Guilt. Confront sin.

(C) weeping angel

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