to be angry.

Anger is not a failing or fault, whether it’s deep-rooted or merely surface level. Reason is but a servant of Passion, so it would be a great disservice to ignore it for fear of appearing emotionally haphazard. Self control is, of course, an illusion, and to think otherwise would be to believe that existing entirely rationally would solve the problems that arise from emotional decision-making. The reality of the world is at odds with what it should be, so how can we not be angered by the injustice and tragedy that we are obligated to go through? There is nothing rational about that.

To be angry at the smallest inconveniences lends to unnecessary unrest. To be angry for your past lends to an unfulfilled potential. To be angry all the time lends to destruction, but to refine and pick your pockets of rage and unbridled fury for just the right moment can turn destruction into liberation. Anger, although poison in your bloodstream, can wreak havoc in the right direction just when you need it, much like the venom of a viper. The release of such rage may lend to the peace of mind and clarity that has been long sought after. Bottled-up fury might be the densest cloud of all in the way of a clear sky.

Don’t suppress it, unleash it only when necessary.

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  1. Anomi Panditharatne says:

    Great words x

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